The training service for RPS distributors and customers undoubtedly constitutes the first fundamental pillar upon which the RPS knowledge community is structured. The service is associated both to training and certification processes for distributor internal consultants, and to the training of customer users during the initial or final ERP implementation stages.

The training offer in the RPS community for all profiles is specified in three principal layers:

Online Training.

Distance Laboratory Based Training.

On-site Training in Workshop Mode.


RPS makes an extended, distance training offer based on e-learning technology available to the entire community, designed as a first level of access to the knowledge and user of the ERP. Based on training videos per module and on test exercise environments directly on the ERP, RPS also includes, during the development of each course, the help of a personal distance tutor to resolve any doubts and incidents.

This online training offer is undoubtedly a global resource for the RPS community that is very valuable as a means to: Share and improve knowledge among the distributors and customers; improve the profitability of the implementation projects through their use in the initial stages of the same and the automation of the training task they represent; ensure the transfer of knowledge in environments with high staff rotation, etc.



As a second level of training, RPS again makes a set of practical laboratories available to customers and distributors for distance learning, that aim to work further, through guided exercises, on the knowledge of different modules or advanced functionalities of RPS, not covered or not covered with sufficient depth in the previous layer.


As the most advanced level of standard training, RPS proposes various workshops in an on-site format with the principal objective of consolidating the information obtained up to now by customers and consultants. The workshops have an eminently practical format and are based on the development of cases, normally related to different types of industries and technologies, that involve the global use of the knowledge obtained in previous training levels