The RPS Sales model contemplates a complete commercial management from the offers to the manufacturing.

It permits definition of the company’s sales strategies through the establishment of promotions and a broad system of prices and discounts, which will depend on the conditions that have been negotiated with the customer.

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  • Customer database, shipping addresses, payment addresses, chains, purchasing departments and other types of customer groups.
  • Definition of prices and discounts (header or line, cascade or linear) per item, customer or chain, variable by date and lot.
  • Control of the integrated sales process: offer, order, preparation, delivery note, invoice.
  • Management of alternative items, series/lot and traceability.
  • Management of different units of measurement with automated conversion.
  • Management of items with attributes – colours, sizes, dimensions, dual unit of measure, etc.
  • Total and partial acceptance of Offers. Sales delivery plans.
  • Creation of packing-list, and composition of packages and pallets. Label printing for packing-list. Creation of transport road map.
  • Simulation of orders to be served. Management of Sales Kit.
  • Delivery notes on deposit and in transfer between warehouses.
  • Pro-forma invoices based on orders and quotes. Periodic contracts and invoicing.
  • Specific module for Sales Desk.
  • Management of commissions and discounts
  • Management of Advances and Collection of Cash.
  • Corrective invoices. Invoicing by milestones, certifications or consumption.
  • Management of organic fee and any other fees. Indication of items not carried. Generation of fee lines and their special accountability.


  • Detailed sales knowledge based on the different criteria defined by Market sector, Sales Channel, Customer, Item and any other parameter. Complete management of the sales circuit, from the offer to the invoice.