The module of Business Intelligence & Big Data is a strong tool for multi-dimensional analysis of the information resident in RPS.

Combining the simplicity of its interface, the capacity of the control panel and the strength of the associative technology, it permits exploitation of the information in an intuitive manner.

The module facilitates the data analysis from different perspectives: future predictions, best customers, business evolution, cost control, profitability, etc., including the possibility of reaching the final level.

Through the incorporation of data mining algorithms, RPS, automatically classifies, associates, correlates and segments the information cloud existing in its database for sales, purchases, production and maintenance, in order to discover and graph significant information and behavioural patterns for learning and defining actions for the future.

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  • Simple configuration of all reports by the user themselves.
  • Grouping of indicators by any criteria.
  • Use of any field of the database.
  • Translator of field names at the choice of the user.
  • Ability to prepare mathematical formulas.
  • Graphic traffic light output to highlight the values outside the established parameters.
  • Export to Excel.
  • Control Panel: report access from the Desktop.
  • Automatic algorithms for significant classification and segmentation.
  • Automatic graph of the significant behaviours detected


  • Avail of useful information in real time.
  • Gives the non-expert user the ability to extract, refine, consolidate, synthesise and present information independently.
  • Make the information available to the users which is necessary for the analysis and for the making of immediate decisions.
  • Capacity to interpret significant contexts and behaviours of the data.