The RPS Engineering module, in combination with the standard document management and workflow modules, offers a full and intelligent two-way integration (Smart CAD Integration) between the most popular CAD solutions on the market and production management, either in environments ETO (Engineering to Order and project-based) or MTS / MTO (Make to Order / to Stock based on BOMs and production orders).

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“RPS proposes a total integration between engineering and project management, in the same design environment, without intermediate steps”Albert Marron. Engineering Director. Fibosa


  • Universal integration with any CAD software through the development of Add-In’s.
  • Configurable mapping system for data between both environments.
  • Consolidate and expand the integration elements: Articles, Structures, Allocation of time to projects and production tasks, Allocation of materials, Quality control guidelines, Graphic elements, and Visualisation of sets by metadata.
  • Integration with document manager RPS and BPM.


  • All relevant data for engineering, defined through the CAD solutions, become available in the ERP environment for the posterior production and supply processes in the supply chain.
  • The engineering users work directly in the CAD environments, without direct access to the ERP, but visualising the information currently available in the ERP
  • Exhaustive control of changes and engineering levels synchronised with the real situation in the ERP.
  • Significant cost savings thanks to the optimised data integration in time and quality.