The intelligent document management module by RPS contributes, as well as traditional management of electronic documents based on storage, security and versioning of documents, new technologies such as the integration with business BPM, semantic search or Auto-Tagging, as innovative tools to cover the management needs of knowledge based on documents and information that is not structured in the business environments.

With the document management module, RPS is no longer just a transactional repository, but also a document storage unit. RPS allows the categorisation and indexing of documents internal and external to the application, but, above all, RPS allows a semantic search of its repository that returns contextualised, directed results to the user, weighted according to what is of real interest and based on tags automatically established by the application according to artificial intelligence algorithms.

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“Intelligence applied to the storage and categorisation of documents”


  • Visual categorisation and structuring of folders and documents.
  • Business group repository accessible from the companies belonging to the same.
  • Enhanced security: Roles, permissions, blocks.
  • Situation and versioning of documents.
  • Integration with RPS Workflow and the rest of the ERP.
  • Add-In for Outlook. Storage and indexing of emails.
  • Semantic and contextual search.
  • Auto-tagging.
  • Spell check and search suggestions.


  • Drastic reduction in time for cataloguing and indexing documents.
  • Document integration with the ERP.
  • Accurate searches for all non-structured document information and the ERP itself.
  • Sharing of information between users and departments.