The Project Management module of RPS offers high level functionality for the management of industrial projects and provision of services, and its detailed planning, permitting efficient tracking, measurement of profitability and progress reached, generation of different project versions, working with project templates, management of incidents arising and customer invoices for different criteria.

The integration with other areas of RPS permits the generation of purchase orders, manufacture orders of manufacturing plans, in consideration of the availability of the items.

The projects are divided into sub-projects, tasks and resources, assigning each of these entities their calendar, capacities, mutual relations and their anticipated costs.

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  • Multi-project.
  • Creation of a project based on a Template or a part of other projects.
  • Control of versions of the same project.
  • Monitoring of the various consumptions.
  • Concept of technical progress for projecting outstanding times and costs.
  • Creation of estimates and quotations.
  • Comparison between theoretical costs, actual costs, selling prices and margins.
  • Detailed project planning:
    • Relationships between tasks.
    • Resource allocation.
    • Resource capacity planning.
    • Schedule of operators and machines.
    • Delimitations of the type yes/no, start/finish, before/after a date, as soon as possible, as late as possible.
  • Control Panel for the procurement of the project materials.
  • Incident creation and management.
  • Test management.
  • Invoicing by certification, milestone or consumption.
  • Administrative traceability: project – quote – order – delivery note – invoice.
  • Creation and launch of the production plan required.
    Integrated with CAD tools.


  • Complete management of the Project Life Cycle.
  • Technical and economic control of any company activity.