The RPS Modeller/Configurator module allows manufacturing to order based on standard components and rules of behaviour, Exclusivity, Obligation and Incompatibility, defined in a model on the basis of options and families, where we can also configure quantities and times for the structure of the configured item and prices for calculating the different rates.

Its Web functionality allows a non-expert, remote user to configure the product and obtain their customised quote.

Workflow tool for creating and maintaining product models

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“Manufacture of products adapted to the needs of each customer”


  • Creation of models, taking into account relations of Exclusivity, Enforceability and Incompatibility.
  • Introduction of sub-models within models.
  • Definition of the master item and rules for configuring the other items.
  • Assigning different formulas for calculating price, quantity and time, based on selected options.
  • Web functionality for configuring the product using the wizard for users not familiar with the product.
  • Integration with BPM / Workflow. Creating Quotes and Orders once the item is configured.
  • Creating Bill of Materials with calculated quantities and times based on the options chosen.
  • Creation of sampling for subsequent calculation of cost.
  • Creation of queries for visualisation of differences between configured items.


  • It makes it possible to manufacture the product specifically for each customer in a rational manner.
  • Elimination of time and errors in the preparation of quotations.
  • Ensures that incoming orders contain manufacturable products.
  • Automatic creation of the list of materials