With this module, we will management preventative and corrective maintenance of the installations and equipment assets of the company, as well as technical assistance service for the products and installations that we offer our customers.

In corrective maintenance, it controls the assistance associated to notifications of incidents. It facilitates the review of the timeframe of the commitments, notifications, launches and pending assistance, thus facilitating the planning for the employees of the technical service department.

In preventive maintenance, it defines, in a tree diagram, the maintenance area for the goods and installations, the interventions anticipated, the orders planned and the record of true activity.

It includes management of maintenance contracts that includes the creation, renovation and invoicing of the same.

With the information introduced in the operations of maintenance or technical assistance, the costs are calculated, the costs are allocated to quality, and the problem / solution database is created, which, together with the log of the asset, compose the basis of the company’s technical assistance knowledge.

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  • Integral process of registration of guarantees/equipment installed, notifications/claims and assistance/repairs.
  • Registration, management, calculation and allocation of costs to quality, cost control, closures, initiating guarantees and deletion of notices and implementations.
  • Control of pending commitments, notices, assistance and implementations.
  • Registration, invoicing, renewal, cancellation and deletion of maintenance contracts.
  • Flexible definition of the coverage of contracts in order to adapt them to customer needs (all risk, limited by time, visits, parts).
  • Analysis of the profitability and performance of contracts by comparing the annual income (ordinary invoicing and invoicing of assistance) against the cost of hours and materials not invoiced.
  • Control of machine changes at clients.
  • Sale of spares and control of materials pending return.
  • Automatic generation of orders or delivery notes in the sales module with the invoicing of spares and assistance.
  • Notices of upcoming visits. Planning of technical support staff.
  • Automatic incorporation in the installed equipment of the invoiced elements with control of guarantee.
  • Ability to group elements of the Installed Equipment into Kits.
  • History of each element of the installed equipment.
  • Database for Problem – Solution.


  • Solution with great functionality for the management of industrial maintenance and technical assistance service, fully integrated with the rest of the ERP.