The RPS Purchase Module automates the management of material purchases and subcontracting of the exterior work.

It generates supply proposals to select the most appropriate supplier, taking the timeframe and price into account, and grouping them into a single order. Once the order is generated, the cycle is closed, carrying out the quality inspection, the delivery note and the invoice, adding an accounting note to the Accounting Module and the corresponding consignments in Treasury.

It permits control over the consumption of material in the subcontracted operations.

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  • Specific conditions per Supplier-Item.
  • Prices and discounts by date and lot.
  • Automatic Codification of suppliers.
  • Control of the integral Purchase process: Requests, Quotes, Orders, Delivery note and Invoice. Invoices for total and partial credits and cancellation of invoices.
  • Request and tracking of supplier request quotation.
  • Generation of Delivery plans.
  • Control of orders pending receipt.
  • Management of alternative items, traceability of series/lots.
  • Units of measurement with automated conversion. Double unit of measurement.
  • Management of purchases Kit.
  • Automatic updating of prices by supplier.
  • Promotions and gifts.
  • Rappel management. Automatic generation of orders and printing of auto-invoices.
  • Management of advances.
  • Allocation of purchasing cost overruns due to tariffs, freight and other importation expenses.
  • Automatic accounting of delivery notes pending receipt of invoice.
  • Import and export of orders, delivery notes and invoices.
  • Bank for payment included in orders and delivery notes for Treasury previsions.


  • Purchases and subcontracting Management optimisation.