Provides functionality, integrated with the rest of the ERP, to improve knowledge of the market and management of the commercial operations in progress. Furthermore, it permits a 360 degree view of the customer and of all of the commercial information associated to them.

It manages the agendas and tasks of the managers of the operation activities in progress and facilitates a view of the status of all of the business opportunities, the planning of the actions, the view of effectiveness of the same and the cost repercussion.

Facilitates the definition of processes to be carried out as a consequence of the commercial activity and its real time monitoring through the integration with the RPS BPM and workflow.

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  • Input Channels. Entry Paths of Business Opportunities (Outlook Add-In to create opportunities automatically).
  • Classification of the Types of Activity.
  • Reason for Closure. Reasons for the success or failure of the Opportunities.
  • Quotation Status.
  • Potential Customers.
  • Competitors in Sales.
  • Sales Methods. They define the steps and establish the set of Activities to be performed in order to convert Opportunities into Sales.
  • Sales Opportunities. Commercial actions aimed at a Customer or Potential Customer.
  • Management of Competitors associated to the Opportunity.
  • Management of associated expenses.
  • Associated documents.
  • Associated activities.
  • Management of Commercial Activities. Associated with Opportunities or with Customers/Potential Customers.
  • Offers.
  • Proforma Invoice for Quotation.
  • Rejection of expired offers.


  • Integration of all information on the operations in progress and the customers in one single place.
  • It makes communication and the way we do business with customers and employees easier.
  • Increase the ratio for closure of new opportunities.