The RPS Quality module resolves all management requirements in this scope in a wide sense, from the generation, approval and maintenance of the documentation relative to the Advanced Quality Planning (AQP); management of the “Non Conformities” together with the “Quality Costs” and “Non Quality”; passing through specific quality control in the operations of production, supply or project management.

Under this denomination, a series of activities are grouped together, related to the Design and Development or industrialisation of products to respond to the needs, on one hand, of a manufacturing company with a generic nature, and on the other hand, the requirements of more advanced manufacturing such as suppliers for the automobile sector, and therefore with requirements that are clearly defined by ISO TS16949 or QS9000, aeronautics, food, chemicals, etc…

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“Strategic control of the quality of products and processes”


  • Register of engineering levels: Plan versions of the piece/item based on which the evaluation and control measure for quality control are established: Quality control with or without standards control.
  • Feasibility Study: Analysis of the viability of the production process prior to manufacturing.
  • FMEA: Analysis of failure modes and effects, looking at the severity of these and trying to identify those causes that contribute in the most obvious way to these modes of failure in order to act against them:
    • Control Pattern Version – Self-control: product characteristics to control in each operation of the process.
    • Machine parameters control: process characteristics to control.
    • Reception Pattern Version: characteristics to control in the purchase or subcontract products.
    • Control Plan: Document required by the client which groups the different control standards which must be applied to the production process.
  • Record Sheets: Document which contains the actual measurements of the controls established in the standards.
  • Quality Certificates: based on the records taken.
  • Other documents related to the quality system, such as Synoptic, Layout, etc.
  • Documentation: Management of the Versions. Flow of approval review and acknowledge receipt. Multi-language customer reports.
  • Management of Non-conformities, Internal, External and Supplier, 8D format. Record of costs and quantity of parts for each NC. NC monitoring.
  • Cost management (Quality and Non Quality), classification of groups and cost concepts, monthly record of quality costs (prevention and evaluation) and query of all costs.


  • Evaluate and improve the quality level of the manufacturing process.
  • Control of Quality and Non-Quality company costs.