The Production module includes the management of the product structure that defines its Bill of Materials and its Roadmap in a graphic and easy to use manner.
For each item the main or alternative components, effective and expiry dates, wastage and quantities and each production operation or phase are defined, defining the preparation and execution times in any unit of time, band or overlap between operations.
At the operational level it enables the use of quality controls, introducing the guidelines for control and the sampling systems required. It also allows us to define internal and subcontracted operations overseas, integrating it with the corresponding module.
It includes processes for cost calculation and simulation, obtaining complete BoM with components and operation costs, with the possibility of generating structures on the basis of these, as well as modifying the Rate of operations and prices of components.

The module allows the management and monitoring of Manufacturing Orders created manually or automatically by the MRPII (Manufacturing Resource Planning).

Each order launched drags the printing of all the associated documentation: roadmaps with operations, quality specifications, plans, tools, operator qualifications, work bonuses, documents for preparation of both exit and entry materials, labels …

Once the Production Order has been issued, the debits of bonuses and multi-bonuses and the inputs / outputs of materials are made, allowing real-time imputation through a Plant Data Capture system.

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  • Comparison of versions of structures.
  • Dependency relationship between operations.
  • Wastage management.
  • Management of alternatives (components and operations).
  • Management of preparation and execution times in different units (Hours, Minutes, Parts/hour, Work Units…)
  • Definition of Tooling, Operators, Work centres for their subsequent management in Planning.
  • Management of infinite and finite capacity Machines.
  • Simulations of the costs calculation.
  • Proposed calculation hourly rates per resource
  • Bill of Materials generation from the Configurator or external CAD tools.
  • Definition of component consumption based on formulas.
  • Consultations of use. Implosion.
  • Replacement of components and bulk changes of the structures based on the application of filters.
  • Automatic update of times in the roadmap based on the actual times



  • Ensures the correct management of manufacturing in terms of the Needs of Manufacturing and Purchasing, Warehouse Movements and Planning.
  • Detailed knowledge of the product components and their exact cost.
  • Integration with the Technical Office.
  • Integration with the Product Configurator.