The high performance industrial companies live immersed in a permanent internal review of their operations. The vast majority often consider key issues such as the following:

  • Should I incorporate new finished products to my offer or not?
  • What sales price should I set for this product or project?
  • Should I abandon the development of this industrial line?
  • Should I buy this new machinery or not?
  • Should we purchase or manufacture this new product?
  • What individualised results per business line am I obtaining?
  • What economic performance am I obtaining from my recent investments in equipment?

All of these questions are difficult to respond from the traditional financial environments that are normally specialised in the register and elaboration of information relative to the company relations with the exterior (customers, suppliers, banks, tax agency).

The high performance industries on the other hand, seek a good portion of these responses in systems that study and analyse the internal costs, among others, the consumption of raw materials, production times, exterior operations, departmental expenses, etc…

RPS, in its new 2015 version, adds great capacities in relation to the analysis of industrial costs. Aitor Guerra, RPS pre-sales consultant, explains in which aspects.

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