RPS signs an agreement with Arteca

Arteca Caucho-Metal is a subsidiary company part of the French group SCTI (Société du Caoutchouc Technique et Industriel) that, since 1956, is dedicated to the manufacture of shock absorbers in rubber and rubber-metal, targeting sectors such as automotive, railway or heavy machinery, where it offers personalised solutions for its customers.

This industrial brand needed to update its management and information systems with cutting edge tools. The reason was to be able to integrate and automate its logistical and production processes due to high demands for timeframes, quality and costs from the sectors it supplies its products to (automotive, trucks, railway…), where it has customers such as Renfe, CAF, Iveco and GKN.

Therefore, the aim of the project is to implement a global system that covers the integration needs of the the company logistical and production processes, highlighting the the production process planning, particularly the vulcanised batteries, traceability of the materials throughout the process and the automation of plant data capture in real time.

Service scope

All of this will be possible with the implementation of RPS 2013, the Ibermática ERP, which as well as the software will also provide the consultancy and training for the tool, collaborating in the design of the dashboards with their indicators and defining and implementing the workflows of the processes for tasks management and automation. The project also includes the consultancy and implementation of MES systems that are specialised in the standards of the automobile sector, and will have the Olanet solution as its central axis, as well as Ibermática.

With these measures, we will achieve an exhaustive control of the production process and its planning, guaranteeing the delivery periods for the customers, as well as product quality and cost optimisation. The project will be entirely developed at the plant that Arteca has in the Guipuzcoan town of Villabona.

RPS 2013, a new generation of ERP

The new ERP of Ibermática includes various innovations that have been incorporated in the product conceptualisation and development, most notably the process orchestration ability and the ability to obtain organisational efficiency metrics, as well as its power in multi-project management with seamless integration with CAD environments.

Also, the system does not only adapt to each company’s way of working, but also develops important collaborative capacities that integrate and give presence to third parties in the processes. This is to say, it moves from customer orientation to customer presence. The company’s pace impacts and affects all agents that it interacts with.

Furthermore, RPS 2013 develops innovative capacities for social technology. The data has dimensions and the professionals can add their interpretation to each piece of data at any time. In other words, the system promotes a group labour, facilitating the sharing, interpretation and addition of information (structured and non-structured), integrating the knowledge of people and socialising the data, which increases productivity.


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