The company chose RPS to update its management system

Astilleros Balenciaga S.A. is one of the main Spanish private shipbuilders, specialised in technologically complex ships for the offshore sector. In recent years, almost the entirety of their facilities have been renovated.

Previously exposed areas have been covered, better elevation systems have been installed and machinery has been replaced by new machines with new technology. In parallel to this modernisation process, Balenciaga also needed to update its management and information systems with cutting edge tools, in order to integrate and automate its logistical processes and production control, due to the high demands for timeframes and costs in the market.

For this initiative to be successful, the company relied on Ibermática, a technology company that will implement the management software, adapted to the complexity and specificity required for a shipyard. RPS will allow for tracking of the projects, comparison to the initial budget, control at all times of timeframes and costs, integrating the suppliers to the process and managing all of the documentation associated to the project. It will also integrate all of the business processes (keys and support) in a unique global solution.

Ibermática will provide the technology, the consultancy and the training for the RPS software, collaborating in the design of the control panels with the indicators and defining and implementing the workflows for the processes of task management and automation. For the definition of the workflows, the workflow tool integrated in the RPS itself will be used.

With all of this, Balenciaga set the objective of achieving an exhaustive and permanently up-to-date control of the production process, of its planning, of all costs associated to each project, integrating the customers and suppliers to the entire construction process of the ship, in order to guarantee the quality and delivery timeframes for the ships contracted as well as all technical and legal documentation associated to the same. They will aim to reduce the Engineering-Purchasing process cycle, in order to increase the economic and timeframe efficiency. This will be achieved by involving the lowest number possible of employees in the administrative management of these processes, removing redundant information and swiftly sharing, in real time, the critical information among all departments involved

RPS 2014, a new generation of ERP

The renewed ERP of Ibermática includes various innovations in its conceptualisation and development, among which we can highlight the capacity to orchestrate processes and obtain measurements of organisational efficiency, as well as its strength in multi-project management with full integration in the CAD environments.

Also, the system does not only adapt to each company’s way of working, but also develops important collaborative capacities that integrate and give presence to third parties in the processes. This is to say, it moves from customer orientation to customer presence. The company’s pace impacts and affects all agents that it interacts with.

Furthermore, RPS 2014 develops innovative capacities for social technology. The data has dimensions and the professionals can add their interpretation to each piece of data at any time. In other words, the system promotes a teamwork, facilitating the sharing, interpretation and addition of information (structured and non-structured), integrating the knowledge of people and socialising the data, which increases productivity.

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