Someone once said that CRM technology by itself is not a solution, but rather a means for reaching an end, something like an opportunity to “improve the sales process and thus be able to better administrate the customer relationships”, and they were probably right.

They were probably completely right… in reality, technology by itself, far from being a solution, can even be a problem, a border, if it is not fully integrated with the rest of the company’s management systems.

RPS, conscious of this problem, released with its 2015 version a new CRM module, which is not only functionally balanced (Opportunities, Potential Customers, Activities, etc…), but also has architecture that is specially integrated with the rest of the ERP, thus ensuring total fluidity of the data from the first interactions with a potential customer to the definitive closure of a new order. Aitor Guerra, RPS pre-sales consultant, tells us in this webinar how.

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