High Performance Business Management through ERP solutions

Organised by the RPS wholesale distributor in the Andean region (Colombia, Ecuador and Peru), RPS Andino, and by the principal distributor in Ecuador, Provedatos Group, a company with over 30 years experience in the development and commercialisation of business management software, two conferences were held in the month of September in the main industrial cities of the country, Quito and Guayaquil.

These sessions, provided by the manager of the international RPS channel, Joan Carles Libori, were attended by representatives of important industrial companies in the country, who learned about how to acquire competitive advantages and process integration solutions through the study of challenges and strategiesadopted by the high performance industries in comparison with the rest of the manufacturing companies on a global scale.

The discussion focused on aspects such as the need of companies to share information with customers, suppliers and collaborators in any part of the world; the clear need for the current industry to make business with customers and employees more easy and fluid; the urgent need for integration of internal departments through the integration of systems and applications such as in the case of the engineering and production departments; etc… issues which are all contemplated in a natural manner in RPS.

Furthermore, the extensive functionality of RPS for industrial companies, for custom manufacturing, for make-to-stock on on request, highlighting the modularity of the solution that, among other things, permits implementation of the ERP adjusted to the needs of each company; the internal WorkFlow tool that orchestrates the global logic of the business processes and the BI functionality integrated to the ERP.

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