Increased presence of RPS in the Mexican market

Ibermática has reached an agreement with the global solutions company Axentit Business Consulting for the distribution of their ERP. The alliance will permit the consolidation of RPS, the industrial management software of the Company, in a large portion of the Mexican geography, particularly in regions of growing industrialisation in the centre of the country.

The new partner of Ibermática is a specialist in the implementation of ERP business solutions by Microsoft since 2004, and will invest significant resources in this new project to provide service to manufacturing customers. Ibermática has reached an agreement with Axentit for the distribution of RPS, with the intention of consolidating ERP in the Mexican market. Axentit is a legal entity of specialised consultancy services, whose mission is to provide integral solutions for business consultancy and information systems that develop and inspire the potential of people and organisations, in order to improve competitiveness in an environment as dynamic and complex as the current one.

This Mexican company of global computing solutions offers its services, since 2004, through professionals with backgrounds in consultancy and other industrial sectors. It has a staff of more than 35 consultants and technicians, with over a hundred customers nationwide. In continuous growth in recent years, recognised by partners and manufacturers, Axentit has become a clear and influential leader in the global ERP market that is characterised by its efficiency, flexibility and proximity to its customers.

For Javier Etxeberria, manager of the Business Solutions Unit at Ibermática: “With the signature of this agreement, RPS continues to consolidate its strategic goals in the country, trusting in new partners and joining the criteria of organisational efficiency in European industry with the growth objectives of current Mexican manufacturing into one single technology”.

On his part, Mariano Arias, General Manager of Axentit, ensures that “the distribution of RPS in Mexico will allow us to be creative. We can offer very profound functional solutions to the industrial middle market under a relationship model with the software manufacturer that is totally innovative. We want to be the reference in the country for the industrial sector, using our passion and experience for this.”

This agreement with Ibermática permits Axentit to increase the value of its offer in the industrial scope, given that it considers RPS “as a highly specialised software, including the top functionality currently available on the market in its standard, focused on the productive processes and with a technological level at the height of global references.”

RPS – The Industrial ERP

RPS is a business management software that responds to the new extended industry, where the location and the requirements can change, to such an extent that it is obliged to face a permanent evolution and innovation, and to position itself in different markets, cultures, languages and needs, working in collaboration and in a network.

Based on SOA architecture, the Ibermática ERP develops services that permit modelling of all business processes in the industrial companies. This technology favours the transparency and the interoperability of the systems, therefore responding to the concept of extended company, and also provides total freedom of choice to the companies.

Axentit Business Consulting

Axentit, a Mexican company dedicated to offering consultancy services for the implementation of business and strategic development applications for companies, born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, in 2004, with the name of M&T. In 2008, the Microsoft solutions unit consolidated, creating the Axentit brand.

Axentit is specialised in the implementation of ERP solutions in the commercial and industrial sectors, and furthermore designs and commercialises its own vertical solutions for various sectors such as Customs, Transport, Textile, Discrete manufacturing, Education and others. Today, Axentit avails of a structure of 35 employees, presence in City of Mexico and Monterrey and a portfolio of a hundred clients.

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