The traditional functions of a basic document manager, such as the tree structure of document storage, the security, versioning, distribution, sharing, integration with mail systems, etc. are standard features of the new RPS. The “full stop, new paragraph”, the most evident innovation in this module is associated with two new ideas, two main concepts that belong to this version of the ERP:

Integration and Intelligence

Integration because the module forms an essential part of the ERP, it is linked to it in an evident manner in key functionalities such as the launch of workflows in the ERP automatically from changes in the documents; and Intelligence because, adding to the ERP the cutting edge technology in indexation and document searching that is being used today on social networks with surprising results, we offer our customers functionalities such as semantic technology, self-labelling of key words, etc…

Aitor Guerra, RPS pre-sales consultant, tells us about how it works and what benefits your company can obtain with the adoption of this technology. Don’t miss it!

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