Webinar, 18 March, 16:00 (GMT+1)


Challenges and strategies of the high performance industries in the adoption of ERP solutions. Come and discover them, and reflect upon your own situation. Discover what ERPs will be like in the coming years.

With a new year more than well underway, we don’t want to “lose” more time organising ourselves and we have decided, as in previous years, to start the action. As an initiative to support all channels in the generation of demand, we announce the launch during the month of March of a new annual communication campaign, this time together with our entire channel, which we will call RPSphere (*)

(*) RPSphere, relative to the atmosphere, environment or situation that surrounds a person or a product, in this case an industrial ERP, RPS.

This year we want to promote a passionate RPSphere that is full of content, a campaign of webinars during the entire year that will enamour the market and allow us to continue, and extend if possible, the joint campaigns of RPS and all its Partners in the generation of demand and identification of opportunities.

In this first event, we will consider what has happened in the ERP market in recent years, which business challenges have been faced by the manufacturing industries and what strategies have been deployed in order to overcome them. Based on this, we will attempt to provide templates for deep self-evaluation in this area as well as a measure of what the ERPs will be for us in the next 10 years. In short, an opportunity for joint reflection.

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If you missed it, access the documentation and recording here.

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