RPS wishes to reinforce its presence in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, and will avail of the help of a local distributor, LSI Sistemas Informáticos, which has offices in both Barcelona and Mallorca. This collaboration will permit LSI to strengthen its portfolio of products and services, and RPS to take root in one of the most important industrial areas of the country, mostly with projects in the areas of distribution and logistics. Both companies will announce their agreement on May 10th, in a webinar, with the presentation “RPS + business APPS: The LSI solution for the distribution sector”.

RPS has signed a distribution agreement with LSI Sistemas, a company with offices in Mallorca and Barcelona, specialised in the integration of ERP systems, with over 20 years experience in the sector of distribution and warehouses, as well as the development of multi-platform business apps with high added value. The agreement was signed by the general manager of LSI, Toni Fuentes, and the RPS Channel manager, Joan Carles Libori.

During the signature, Fuentes explained that “in our search for the best business solutions for our customers, we decided to focus on RPS due to its strength and functionality, as well as its technological evolution”. “We believe that by contributing our knowledge, with RPS we can offer companies a very strong solution that is adequate for their needs, thanks to its great versatility and capacity for adaptation”, he added. With this agreement, he indicated that the LSI portfolio of products and services is strengthened “to the highest level, offering a highly competitive complete IT business solution”.

For his part, Libori confirmed that this new agreement “strengthens our position in one of the most important industrial areas of the country and complements our community of distributors with new ideas and technology in environments of mobility and Apps for complex problems of distribution and storage”. He explained that today RPS is “an ERP leader in the industrial sector with an extraordinary technology that allows us to integrate the entire production and logistics chain from end to end, from the design to the plant passing through planning, project management, production, etc… but with the incorporation of LSI for the RPS distribution channel we can now add new capacities in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands for working on distribution and logistics projects”.


LSI was born over 20 years ago in Palma de Mallorca as a result of the union between a group of companies from the world of computer technology that wanted to collaborate, each contributing their specific knowledge in order to bring it all together. Thus, they created what today is LSI, a Solutions Laboratory for companies within the world of technology. In their expansion process, they opened a delegation in Barcelona over 10 years ago.

Their mission consists of helping all companies that place their trust in them so that they can achieve maximum performance of their work through the technological tools they provide. Their work philosophy is to be a partner for the customers, not just another supplier of products and services. They are strongly involved in the business nucleus, aiming to optimise and improve their work, image and sales processes, providing access to the best IT solutions possible without compromising their economic feasibility. To work together and grow with them.

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