Metaltronic, S.A. ( has become consolidated in recent years as one of the most important companies in the Ecuadorian metalmechanic sector. Their most relevant products include the manufacture of truck chassis and trailer for various multinational automobile assembly companies; structural components and assembly of various models of motorbikes; spring levellers and hydraulic elevators for the most important supermarkets in the country; manufacture of components and global assembly of bicycles; manufacture of parts for different household appliances, accuracy mechanisms for the petroleum sector, etc. Metaltronic has the quality certifications ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949 and OHSAS 18001.

The industrial brand needed a profound update of its information systems with cutting edge tools that allow for management of all productive models at the plant. The objective was to be able to integrate and automate its logistical and production processes due to high demands for timeframes, quality and costs from the sectors it supplies its products to, where it has customers such as General Motors, Maresa (Mazda), among others. In the project we can highlight the launch of RPS modules for the implementation of the productive process, the management and identification of intermediate products, the traceability of materials throughout the process and the capture of information generated at the plant.

Project scope

The project includes the implementation of practically all of the modules of RPS 2015, the Ibermática ERP and the services of the wholesale distributor in the RPS ANDINO region ( that will provide the consultancy and training in the tool, also collaborating in the design of the control panels with their indicators and defining and implementing the process workflows for the management and automatic of the tasks.

With this project, the intention is to achieve an exhaustive control of the productive process and its planning, guarantee the delivery periods, the product quality and the cost optimisation for the customers. The project will be fully developed at the Metaltronic plants in the city of Quito during the next 6 months.

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