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Content of the Website

The contents and services provided by (the Website) are free. It is not necessary to register for access and browse through the Website. The access and use of the Website imply acceptance by the User of these General Conditions. In this sense, the User will be understood as the person who accesses, browses, uses or participates in the services and activities developed on the Website.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

The Website is governed by Spanish legislation on intellectual and industrial property. In no case will it be understood that the access, browsing and use of the Website or the use and/or contracting of products or services offered through the Website, implies a waiver, transmission, license or total or partial cession of said rights by Ibermática, S.A. (hereinafter Ibermática) to the User.

References to names and trademarks or registered trademarks, logos or other distinctive signs, whether owned by Ibermática or by third parties, implicitly prohibit their use without the consent of Ibermática or their legitimate owners. At no time, unless expressly stated, shall access or use of the Website and/or its content and/or services confers to the User any rights over the brands, logos and/or distinctive signs that are protected by Law and included therein.

All rights of Intellectual and Industrial Property are reserved on the contents and/or services and, in particular, it is forbidden to modify, copy, reproduce, publicly communicate, transform or distribute in any way, in whole or in part, the contents and/or services included on the Website, for public or commercial purposes, if you do not have the prior, express and written authorization of Ibermática or, as the case may be, the holder of the corresponding rights.

The Website contains texts prepared for informational or news purposes that may not reflect the current state of the technologies and refer to general situations, so that its content should never be applied by the user to specific cases. The opinions expressed on them do not necessarily reflect the views of Ibermática. The content of the articles published on this Website cannot be considered, in any case, a substitute for specialized and personalized advice. The user must not act on the basis of the information contained in this Website without first having recourse to the corresponding advice of Ibermática.

Use of the Website

The User agrees to use the Website in accordance with the law and with these General Conditions. The User also undertakes to refrain from using the Website for purposes or effects that are illegal or contrary to the provisions of the General Conditions.

By using the services, the User agrees to these General Conditions, agreeing not to transmit, disseminate or make any kind of material that in any way contravenes the current legislation available to third parties through the services provided by or any of the secondary websites of the Website.

Communications through the Website

In the event that the User sends information of any kind to Ibermática through the Website, through the channels provided for that purpose on the Website itself, the User declares, guarantees and accepts that they have the right to do so freely, that said information does not infringe any intellectual property rights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, or any other third party right, that said information is not confidential and that said information is not harmful to third parties.

The User acknowledges that he or she has sole and exclusive liability hereby saves Ibermática harmless for any communication that he or she personally provides on his or her own behalf, or on behalf of third parties, with said liability including, but not limited to, the accuracy, legality, originality, origin and ownership of such communications.

Links to other Websites

In the event that the User can find links to other websites managed by third parties on the Website, Ibermática declares that it does not have the personal or technical resources to control, verify or approve the content, information and services provided thereon. Consequently, Ibermática cannot assume any liability whatsoever related to the website linked from the Website. The existence of one or more links to other web sites shall not imply the existence of collaboration or dependency relationships between Ibermática and the natural or legal person responsible for the external web page.

The existence of external links on the Website does not imply that Ibermática recommends the contents of the destination websites.

If the Users effectively know that illicit activities are carried out on the website of third parties to which the link takes them, they must immediately notify Ibermática so that the link is disabled.

Links in other Web pages to the Website

If any User, entity or Web pages wish to establish any type of link to the Website, it must comply with the following stipulations:

  • The link must be absolute and complete, that is, it must take the User, through a click, to the URL of the Website and must fully cover the entire length of the screen of the Website access page. In no case, unless Ibermática expressly so authorizes in writing, may the website that provides such a link reproduce, in any way, the Website, include it as part of said website or within one of its “frames” or create a “browser” on any of the pages of the said website.
  • The page that establishes such a link, shall not in any way declare that Ibermática has authorized said link, unless Ibermática has done so expressly and in writing. Any entity providing a link to the Website from their page may correctly include the trademark, denomination, commercial name, label, logo, slogan or any other type of identifying element of Ibermática and/or the Website on said web page solely and exclusively with the previous express written authorization of Ibermática.
  • Ibermática does not authorize the establishment of a link to the Website from those web pages containing materials or information that is illegal, illicit, degrading, obscene, and in general, any content that contravenes the law, morals, public order or generally accepted social standards.
  • Ibermática does not have the power or human and technical means to know, control or approve all the information, contents, products or services provided by other sites or external websites that have established links to the Website. Ibermática assume no liability whatsoever for any aspect related to the external website or web page that establishes such a link to the Website, specifically, but not limited to, its operation, access, data, information, files, quality and reliability of its products and services, its own links and/or, in general, any of its content.

Privacy policy

  1. Purpose of the Privacy Policy
    In compliance with current legislation on the protection of personal data), Ibermática, S.A. wishes to inform users of the policy regarding the treatment and protection of personal data of those persons who provide their personal data by the personalized use or registration of the services of the websites or any other act involving a communication of your personal data to Ibermática, S.A.Similarly, we inform the user that this Privacy Policy contains a general description of the aspects related to the processing of personal data that Ibermática, S.A. carries out as data controller derived from the use of the websites.This policy is completed with those informative texts and informed consent requests that are incorporated into any data request form of the websites or included in any particular conditions for the use of certain services.It is the user’s responsibility to read the aforementioned informative texts and consent request texts included in any data request form on the websites prior to communicating their personal data to Ibermática, S.A.This policy is expressly and fully accepted by the user from the moment in which, for the use of the websites or the services published on them, communicate their personal data to Ibermática, S.A., given that such communication is always voluntary.In case the user is not in agreement with this policy, he/she should not use any service of the websites that requires the communication of his/her personal data to Ibermática, S.A.Similarly, the user is informed that this policy will be of subsidiary application to those others that, on the same matter, are established with special and/or particular character and are communicated to the user, without limitation, through the registration forms, contract conditions or conditions of the particular services, the present policy being complementary to the previous ones in what is not contradictory.The user is informed that any processing of personal data will fall within the scope of the current legislation in Spain regarding data protection.
  2. Data controller of the websites
    The person responsible for the processing of personal data carried out through the websites is:
    • Data Controller: Ibermática, S.A.
    • Tax ID: A20038915
    • Address: Paseo Mikeletegi, 5. 20009 Donostia / San Sebastián
    • E-mail:
    • Telephone: (34) 943 413 500 Fax: (34) 943 308 244
    • Registration details: Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Gipuzkoa. Volume 243 Book of Company Names Folio 161 Sheet 4912 Entry 1 Date August 2, 1973.
    • Website pages: (main), (secondary)
  3. Data of minors
    Children under 18 years of age will not be able to use the particular Services of Ibermática, S.A. that require registration or identification as registered users, even with the representation of their parent, guardian or legal representative.
  4. Accuracy of personal data
    The users who access the websites are not required to provide personal information to navigate through them, therefore, any communication of data for such purposes will be because the user has voluntarily decided to browse or use the websites and/or or of the services made available to the user through the websites.The user agrees to provide accurate, updated, complete and correct information, always and only corresponding to their own identity (it is prohibited to provide data from third parties) through any data collection channel published on the websites, such as registration or subscription forms, contact, suggestions, hiring and/or any other data request form of the websites, by sending an email to Ibermática, S.A. or, through a postal communication, as indicated below.The user is solely responsible for the veracity, accuracy, updating and correction of the data provided, exonerating Ibermática, S.A. of any liability in this respect committing the user to keep personal data duly updated.The user is the only source of information of their personal data, so Ibermática, S.A. asks that, in order to keep your data updated at all times in accordance with the principles of data protection legislation, communicate any variation thereof to the indicated address for the exercise of the rights indicated in this Policy. In any case, when the data is collected or provided directly by the affected user, in accordance with the provisions of current regulations, those provided by the latter will be considered accurate, as long as the user does not update or rectify them with Ibermática, S.A.
  5. Data of special categories
    Ibermática, S.A. neither requests nor requires through the websites information or data of special categories of the users, being understood, according to the current legislation, as data that reveal the ethnic or racial origin, the political opinions, the religious or philosophical convictions, or union affiliation and genetic data, biometric data aimed at identifying a physical person univocally, data relating to physical or mental health, data relating to sexual life or sexual orientation of a natural person.Should Ibermática, S.A. at any time require this information from the user, the express consent of the user will be requested to collect and use this information, communicating to the user, previously and unequivocally, the purpose of the collection and processing of said information.Consequently, in the event that for any reason – and without having been requested by Ibermática, S.A. – such information is voluntarily communicated by the user to said entity, said communication will suppose the existence of a manifestation of express consent by the user regarding the processing of your data by Ibermática, S.A.
  6. Purposes to which the personal data are destined
    The user who accesses the websites of Ibermática, S.A. and voluntarily provides personal information to browse the websites in a personalized manner or use a service that requires the communication of data is informed of the following purposes of the processing of their personal data that Ibermática, S.A. will be able to carry out.
    • Registration on the Websites
      When the user registers in any of our websites, the personal data provided for this purpose will be processed to manage the registration, as well as those generated as a result of using the services of the websites through their user name and password.
    • Subscription to receipt of commercial services and newsletters
      When the user registers in the services published on the websites of Ibermática, S.A. for the subscription to commercial and advertising communications and bulletins and/or requests such shipments through any other means, such as a request to Ibermática, S.A. through an email, we will treat the personal data of the user to manage the subscription to the service, as well as for the sending of the said commercial and advertising communications and bulletins.In the event that the user cancels the service, revokes their consent or opposes the receipt of such communications, we will only keep the minimum necessary data of the user to prevent the sending of commercial communications and bulletins.
    • User opinions and comments
      When the user registers in the services published on the websites of Ibermática, S.A. to comment on the service/product advertised, we will treat your personal data to manage the subscription to the service, as well as for the service to identify you as its author and, in addition, moderate the messages and content communicated by the user and, where appropriate, prohibit the publication and/or eliminate the opinions that do not comply with the conditions of use of the service.
    • Publication of content by the user
      When the user registers with the services published on the websites of Ibermática, S.A., to publish content through the services provided for that purpose, we will process your personal data to manage the subscription to the service, as well as to manage and guarantee the publication of the content of the user and, where appropriate, publish their status as author or owner thereof. Similarly, Ibermática, S.A. will process your data to verify, if necessary, your status as the owner of the intellectual property rights or legitimate licensee thereof.
    • Online registration service in Ibermática, S.A.
      When the user uses the online registration service in Ibermática, S,A,, we will process their personal data to attend and manage the registration with the service.
    • Information service, suggestions and contact
      When the user uses the services authorized for this purpose to send suggestions or contact Ibermática, S.A. (through forms, telephone, mail or email), we will process your personal data to attend and manage the response of the suggestion or request made by the user.
  7. Purposes of treatment common to the collection of personal data of the user through the registration and use of any of the services of the websites
    • With a voluntary nature and a legitimate basis in the consent that the user may grant to Ibermática, S.A., by checking the boxes enabled for this purpose in the data collection forms published on the websites:
      • To send commercial and advertising communications about the services and products of Ibermática, S.A. related to digital marketing and directories to the user by postal mail, electronic mail and other equivalent means of electronic communication.
      • To know, segment and outline the browsing and advertising habits of the user’s business in order to adapt the products and services of Ibermática, S.A. to the preferences and tastes of the user.
      • To collect information through tracking technologies (cookies) of the user’s activity upon receipt of commercial and advertising communications sent by Ibermática, S.A., in relation to, if the user receives the communication, when the user opens it and the links you access, all in order to collect statistics on the use of the websites of Ibermática, S.A., measure the success of advertising campaigns conducted by the company as well as response rates and know, segment, browsing and advertising habits by creating user profiles.
      In any case, the user is informed that the purposes of processing their personal data collected through the forms included in the websites, will be explained by informative texts published in the forms themselves and when required, as explained above, Ibermática, S.A. will request, through the boxes enabled for this purpose, the user’s consent for the processing of their personal data when the legal basis of such treatment is based on obtaining the user’s consent.
    • Based on legitimate interest:
      To preserve the minimum essential data of the user who objects to Ibermática, S.A. sending commercial and advertising communications, in order to identify and adopt the necessary measures to prevent the sending of commercial and advertising communications.
  8. Recipients of the user’s personal data
    Based on the processing of personal data set out in the previous section, Ibermática, S.A. hereby informs the user that it plans to communicate their personal data to the following third parties as indicated below:
    • Assignments based on legitimate interest:
      Ibermática, S.A. will publish the personal data of the user as merchant, businessman and professional in the different directories of Ibermática, S.A. contained in any medium for the purposes of commercial exploitation and public consultation of the same by third parties.
    • Voluntary assignments and legal basis in the consent granted by the user:
      To the users of the official web pages of Ibermática, S.A. in social networks, in which case, the user will be the one who decides the assignment of their data that will be made to third parties, according to those parts of the service whose use allows them to voluntarily share information with other users of the official pages of Ibermática, S.A.
    • Data processors:
      Ibermática, S.A. contracts with different entities that provide pre-sales services, telesales of advertising services, production of advertising, after-sales services, computer support and recovery, through custom processing contracts to support the treatment purposes indicated in the present policy.
    Ibermática, S.A. informs the user that any other communication of personal data that must be made, will be made known to the user when provided by current legislation informing them in an express and unambiguous express manner of the recipients of the information, the purpose to which they will assign the data and the nature of the assigned data or, where appropriate, when the legislation so establishes, previously the unequivocal, specific and informed consent will be requested from the user. For these purposes, the user must pay special attention to the information that in each case is provided in the personal data collection forms published on the websites and in this policy.
  9. Exercise of rights: access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation of treatment and portability
    Ibermática, S.A. informs the user of the possibility of exercising their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by written communication to Ibermática, S.A. Paseo Mikeletegi, 5. 20009 Donostia / San Sebastián and/or by email to arco@ibermatica.comFor such purposes, the user must send the written communication indicating the petition or right exercised along with a copy of his/her ID or valid legal document that proves his/her identity.As of May 25, 2018, the user may exercise, in the terms that may be determined by the applicable legislation, the rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation to processing, opposition, portability and right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling, through written communication to Ibermática, SA Paseo Mikeletegi, 5. 20009 Donostia / San Sebastián and/or by email to arco@ibermatica.comAlso, the user has the right to withdraw the consent granted in relation to the processing of personal data that are voluntary, without affecting the legality of the treatment based on the consent prior to its withdrawal, by written communication to Ibermática, S.A. Paseo Mikeletegi, 5 20009 Donostia / San Sebastián and/or by email to accompanying a photocopy of the national identity document.The user is informed that they have the right to submit a claim to a Control Authority, the Spanish Data Protection Agency in relation to the exercise of their rights.
  10. Exercise of other rights in the field of electronic commerce and commercial advertising communications
    Ibermática, S.A. informs the user that he/she has expressly authorized the delivery of advertising commercial communications and/or bulletins by e-mail that, under the Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE), the user has right to oppose the processing of their data for promotional purposes for the reception of commercial communications, advertising and/or bulletins, as well as the right to revoke at any time the consent given to the effect with the simple notification of their will to Ibermática, S.A. and/or by sending an email.To do this, the user may direct their communication requesting the cessation of sending commercial communications, advertising and/or bulletins, revocation of consent and/or opposition to the email address: indicating in the subject line: BAJA (UNSUBSCRIBE).Ibermática, S.A. will attend your request keeping the minimum data essential to adopt the necessary measures to prevent the sending of such commercial communications.
  11. Data retention period
    Ibermática, S.A. will keep the personal data of the user while the treatment is maintained and the user does not request the deletion thereof.
  12. International transfers
    In the event that the user is a merchant, entrepreneur and/or professional there is the possibility that Ibermática, S.A. transfers their personal data with authorization from the Spanish Data Protection Agency, for the mere effects of the data processor.Ibermática, S.A. has signed a contract that includes the standard contractual clauses provided for in the current legislation whose copy is available to the user who may request it from Ibermática, S.A. by written communication addressed to: Paseo Mikeletegi, 5. 20009 Donostia / San Sebastián.
  13. Follow us on social networks
    Social networks are services provided by third-party providers that allow users to participate in a virtual community with other users through which they can generate their own public profile where they can create and share content, information and personal data with other users of the network. On a social network you can create and share pages, accounts or profiles for personal and/or commercial purposes. The operation of the social network is regulated first, by the conditions established by the owner and/or provider of the network and, secondly, when it comes to pages, accounts or profiles for commercial purposes, by the terms and conditions established by the person in charge of the profile or commercial account who, in his case, will also be responsible for the processing of their data.Ibermática, S.A. has profiles on some social networks such as, without limitation, Facebook Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and YouTube. The user can follow us and become a fan of the official pages of Ibermática, S.A. on the mentioned social networks and in the different social networks.The user is informed that the processing of data that is made through the pages, profiles or accounts of Ibermática, S.A. on social networks will be governed by the corresponding policies and conditions of both the official page and the provider and owner of each social network where appropriate, being also said owner and provider of the social network is responsible for the personal data processed on the official website of the social network.
  14. Personal data published on the websites of Ibermática, S.A.
    The user is informed that these data are part of one or more data processing responsibility of Ibermática, S.A. in which they have been incorporated with the prior informed consent of the interested parties and cannot be freely treated and reproduced by the user or others third-party users – not even when reference is made to the origin of the same – unless the prior authorization and informed consent of the interested party is obtained.The personal data that Ibermática, S.A. may publish on its websites may consist, without limitation, in any numerical, alphabetical, graphic, photographic, acoustic or any other information concerning identified or identifiable individuals, such as name, surnames, photos, images of events held by Ibermática, S.A., data published by users of the services of the websites of Ibermática, S.A. and any other information.Therefore, all personal data – including the images, videos, texts, data and any other information published on our websites about identified and/or identifiable individuals – may only be used by the user in order to participate and enjoy our websites in the manner established in this policy or, where appropriate, in the general and particular conditions that regulate a certain service, and within the framework of current legislation, with any other uses than those indicated being expressly prohibited, including the incorporation of the images or data to files or treatments and/or creation of databases of persons and/or sending of advertising or assignment to third parties, without the prior informed consent of the interested owner of the information and data, with Ibermática, S.A., assuming not liability whatsoever for the uses that the user or other third-party users of our websites make against that established in these conditions and others that regulate such uses.At no time should the user consider that the websites of Ibermática, S.A. are a source accessible to the public from which a free disposition of the personal data, information and contents published through them can be made.
  15. Recommendations for users
    Ibermática, S.A. recommends that the user use the latest versions of the computer programs for browsing the Internet given the incorporation of greater security measures in these.Similarly, Ibermatica, S.A. also encourages users to use the security mechanisms available to them (secure Web servers, cryptography, digital signature, firewall, etc.) to protect the confidentiality and integrity of their data to the extent necessary, given there are risks of phishing or infringement of the communication.Ibermática, S.A. reminds users that the Internet is not totally secure. However, there are different means available that allow you to improve the protection of your data. So, use any means at your disposal to protect your data and your communications, such as the coding legally available for confidential email and the access codes to your own personal computer.Ibermática, S.A. warns users that whenever they provide personal information via the Internet via email, newsgroups, discussion forums, etc., keep in mind that such information may be collected and treated for purposes undesired by users, therefore, Ibermática, S.A. recommends that users inform themselves about the confidentiality and privacy policies of the online sites they visit.Users are also cautioned to keep in mind that, unless they use encryption mechanisms, electronic mail on the Internet is not secure. Mail messages and discussion forums may be subject to falsification and personality impersonation, which should be taken into account whenever they are used. If you do not want to publish your email address, configure your browser so that you do not leave your email address on the web servers you access.
  16. Policy update
    Without prejudice to the preferential application of the specific legal texts for the purpose such as informative texts inserted in data collection forms, as well as in the case of the conditions of particular services, periodically Ibermática, S.A. may update this Privacy Policy and personal data processing of the users of the websites. Any modification of this policy will be published on our websites.In any case, it will be the user’s responsibility to periodically access the Privacy Policy of Ibermática, S.A. published on the websites, in order to know the latest version at all times.
  17. Contact information
    For any questions on this Privacy Policy, the user may contact Ibermática, S.A. by email

Use of cookies

Ibermática hereby informs you about the use of cookies on the Website.

Cookies are files that can be downloaded to your computer through the web pages of the Website. They are tools that have an essential role for the provision of numerous services of the information society. Among others, they allow a website to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or a computer and, depending on the information obtained, can be used to recognize the user and improve the service offered.

Types of cookies

Depending on the entity that manages the domain from which the cookies are sent and which handles the data obtained, two types can be distinguished: first-party cookies and third-party cookies.

There is also a second classification according to the period of time that they remain stored in the client’s browser, which may be session cookies or persistent cookies.

Lastly, there is another classification with five types of cookies according to the purpose for which the data obtained is processed: technical cookies, personalization cookies, analysis cookies, advertising cookies and behavioral advertising cookies.

Cookies used on the Website

Below, we identify the cookies that are being used on the Website, as well as their type and function:

  • Cookies de Google Analytics (__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz)The Ibermática Website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service developed by Google that allows the measurement and analysis of browsing on web pages. In your browser you can see 4 cookies by default, according to the previous typology, specifically, first-party, session and analysis cookies. You can find more information about Google Analytics at and disable the use of these cookies at information collected by Google Analytics cookies is stored on Google servers located in the United States. Google promises not to share it with third parties, unless required to do so by legal mandate or it is necessary for the operation of the system. Google does not associate your IP address with any other information you have.Google Inc. is a company adhering to the Safe Harbor Agreement (Safe Harbor). The membership of this Agreement guarantees that the transferred data will be treated with a level of protection in accordance with European regulations (Google registration form).The information obtained is related to the number of users accessing the Website, the number of page views, the frequency and repetition of the visits, their duration, the browser used, the operator providing the service, the language, the terminal used, and the city to which your IP address belongs. Information that enables a better and more appropriate service by Ibermática.
  • Technical cookies of the web platform (PHPSESSID, viewed_cookie_policy, has_js)These cookies are used by the page and are intended to allow the viewing of the page.
  • Cookies Language (languaje)This cookie is used to identify the selected language in order to allow use of the appropriate language on the page.
  • Addthis Cookies (__atuvc, uid)They allow the user to share content through social networks and email. When we include links to third-party services on our pages, they may temporarily store a cookie on your device to make their service easier to use.
  • Twitter Cookie (guest_id)The Twitter cookie appears on the pages that use the “Tweet” button and serves to identify the user with a unique number associated with Twitter.
  • Google Cookie (NID)This is a unique identifier used by Google applications to store information about user preferences.
  • YouTube Cookie (PREF)This is a unique identifier used by YouTube to store information about user preferences.

How to modify the configuration of cookies

The User may restrict, block or delete the cookies of the Website, or any other web page, using his or her browser. The operation is different depending on the browser; use the following links for information on the most common browsers:

Representations and Warranties

Ibermática cannot guarantee the reliability, usefulness or veracity of the services or of the information provided through the Website, nor of the usefulness or veracity of the documentation of the events that may be acquired through the Website, prepared by professionals from very diverse sectors.

Consequently, Ibermática does not guarantee and cannot be held liable for: (i) the continuity of the contents of the Website; (ii) the absence of errors in said content or products; (iii) the absence of viruses and/or other harmful components on the Website or on the server that supplies it; (iv) the invulnerability of the Website and/or the impregnability of the security measures adopted; (v) the lack of usefulness or performance of the contents and products of the Website; (vi) the damages caused to itself or to a third party, any person that violates the conditions, rules and instructions that Ibermática establishes on the Website or through the violation of the security systems of the Website.

Nevertheless, Ibermática declares that it has adopted all necessary measures, within its possibilities and the state of technology, to guarantee the functioning of the Website and to prevent the existence and transmission of viruses and other harmful components to Users.

If the User has knowledge of the existence of any illegal content, contrary to the laws or that could suppose an infringement of intellectual and/or industrial property rights, he/she should immediately notify Ibermática so that it can proceed to the adoption of the appropriate measures.

Duration and modification

The terms and conditions stipulated herein are subject to partial or total modification without prior notice by Ibermática. Therefore the validity thereof coincides with the time during which they remain published on the Website. Modifications, partial or total, will be published in the same way that the current General Conditions have been published, so before accessing, browsing or using the Website, the User must read the General Conditions published at that time.

Ibermática may terminate, suspend or interrupt, at any time without prior notice, access to the contents of the Website, which shall in no way entitle the user to seek any form of compensation.

General aspects

If any of the provisions, or several of them, of these General Conditions prove (are) illegal, unavailable or ineffective, by a Court/tribunal or other administrative body, the validity, effectiveness and legality of the remaining provisions and the General Conditions themselves will not be affected.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These General Conditions of the Website are governed in their entirety by Spanish law. The language of drafting and interpretation of this legal notice is Spanish. The headings of each of the clauses contained in these General Conditions are indicative and therefore may not extend or qualify or in any other way affect the interpretation of the content of the General Conditions. The General Conditions shall remain accessible through the Internet on this Website.

Ibermática and the User, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled, shall submit any dispute and/or litigation to the Courts and Tribunals of San Sebastián.