Cash-flow Forecast

Ibermática RPS

Cash-Flow Forecast

RPS Cash-Flow App lets you create several forecasts of your cashflow, indicating different expenses and outcomes. More than the outstanding receivable and payables, you can add inputs such as open orders, pending deliveries,  sales forecasts,  or even foreseen expenses of projects.

You can also set general expenses like wages, rentals, so as credits or foreseen investments.

This app calculates you projections by Company or at a consolidated level, showing the info through consultations, indicators, and multiple graphycs.

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  • Direct integration with other RPS modules to collect automatically foreseen future expenses and outcomes.
  • Allows setting different simulated income&outcome, thus user can analyse different scenarios (e.g., needs of funding)
  • Enables create periodic payments (rollouts, rentals) and update automatically their situation.
  • Calculates and posts credits and loans.
  • Provides several online reports and graphycs with the current and future finantial situation, and thus user can take relevant decistions concerning cashflow requirements, convenience or not of neew investments, etc.