Monitoring of opportunities and relationships with third parties


RPS Next CRM provides functionality, integrated with the rest of the ERP, to improve market knowledge and management of ongoing business operations. It also allows a 360-degree view of the customer and all the commercial information associated with it.

RPS Next CRM manages the agendas and tasks of those responsible for the activities of ongoing operations and provides a vision of the status of all business opportunities, the planning of actions, the vision of their effectiveness and their impact on costs.

RPS Next CRM allows you to calculate the cost of new products in an agile and simple way and transfer them to an offer, with different options that the client can accept.

RPS Next CRM facilitates the definition of the processes to be carried out as a consequence of the commercial activity and its monitoring in real time through its integration with the BPM functionality of RPS Next and Workflow.

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  • More agile and reliable offer calculation
  • Calculation of delivery times based on workload.
  • Integration of all information about ongoing operations and customers in one place.
  • Make it easier to do business with customers and employees.
  • Increase the closing ratio of new opportunities.