Full management of technical and non-technical documentation


RPS Next Document Manager module provides, in addition to traditional document management such as document storage, security and versioning; new technologies such as integration with business workflows, semantic search or auto-tagging, innovative tools designed to meet the needs of document-based knowledge management and unstructured information in business environments.

You can also manage technical documentation applying the typical PDM functionality: assembly or part management, version and history control, block-unblock processes for editing (check-in/check-out), definition of approval flows; automatic generation of neutral files (pdf, step, dwg, etc.)

The RPS Next document manager offers you the possibility to work in delocalized environments, in the cloud, download documentation and update it optimally, applying the latest technologies.

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  • Hybrid document manager, with which to have the documentation on a cloud server but replicating locally, optimizing downloads and uploads of heavy files (mainly CAD)
  • Storage of any type of file, technical and non-technical. Automatic document classification.
  • PDM for technical office: Version management, historical, blockunblock for editing parts or assemblies, definition of approval flows
  • Automatic notification to users.
  • Quick search: Semantic search, auto-tag