Financial operation for the global and extended industry


General Ledger manages general and analytical accounting as well and assets and its depretiation.
Accounting posting can be manual, which allows to work autonomously, or is automatically integrated with the different RPS Next modules.
We can get any kind of finantial report thanks to its powerful report tool..
Receivable/Payable module performs collection management, payment management, manual or electronical payments (SEPA) through letters,
money orders, transfers, checks and promissory notes.
Tax Models module has the current fiscal models, both nationally and regionally.

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  • Internal tool for accounting management of the company, can work stand alone or integrated with all areas of the company.
  • Powerful and agile tool for generating financial reports.
  • Analytical and budget reports.
  • Balance sheet consolidation, multi-company budgets
  • Control of the current situation and the Treasury forecast
  • Generation of reports and files for tax declaration.