Complete maintenance management of internal and external equipment and facilities


RPS Next Maintenance module can manage the corrective and preventive maintenance of the in house or customers’ facilities.

With the information entered in the procedures, the costs are calculated, the costs are imputed to quality and the database of problems / solutions is created, which, together with the history of the machine, will form the basis of knowledge management of technical assistance. of the company.

It facilitates the revision of the term of the commitments, notices, start-ups and pending assistance, facilitating the planning of the personnel of the
technical service department.

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  • A single tool to ensure a full corrective and preventive maintenance.
  • 100% web solution.
  • Planning of maintenance tasks, and synchronization in the agenda of the operators.
  • Integration with other processes (supply, quality, invoicing …)
  • Access to all machine and/or facilities documentation.
  • History of the changes made to the equipment: spare parts, breakdowns, interventions, etc.