Optimal long and short term planning of Production, Projects and Maintenance

Planning: MRP and Scheduler

RPS Next MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) generates automatically Manufacturing Orders and Purchase Proposals from the analysis of the stock availability of the studied items. Availability is the net result of the current stock plus next entries (pending manufacturing / receiving orders) minus anticipated output (sales orders, or consumption of materials).

Can handle different planning policies: On order or on sales forecasts. Individual generation of orders or grouping needs. Consideration of minimum stocks or production / purchase lots.

Task Scheduler or Sequencer allows to schedule in short, medium and large term, by finite capacity according to availability (calendar and workload) of the resources necessary for: Manufacturing Orders, Project Tasks and Maintenance Operations. It has an algorithm for automatic task planning, as well as a manual sequencer to establish the order of execution.

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  • Calculation of purchase and manufacturing needs in quantity and date, optimizing stock levels.
  • Calculation of capacity needs based on simulation scenarios
  • Time saving in the calculation and launching of Manufacturing Orders, Purchases and Outsourcing.
  • Reduction of stops due to lack of material.
  • Reliability in delivery times.
  • Saving time and improving the quality of planning.