Product structures and Manufacturing orders

Manufacture of standard products on time and at cost


RPS Next Manufacturing module includes the management of the product structure that defines your bill of materials and your operation roadmap in a graphic and user-friendly way. You can define internal and/or outsourced operations, integrating them with the corresponding module. It includes processes of calculation and simulation of costs, obtaining complete costs of components and operations.

The module supports continuous manufacturing and process manufacturing issues.

Possibility of including components, formulas or recipes in the manufacturing route, including the balance batches based on the purity grade of the
active ingredients in relation to compensators, additives and the rest.

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  • Ensures a proper manufacturing management in terms of manufacturing and purchasing needs, warehouse movements and planning.
  • Detailed knowledge of the product components and their exact cost.
  • Integration with the technical office (CAD), product configurator and quality control processes.
  • Definition of master recipes (formulas).
  • Shopfloor data capture.