Planning and monitoring of the distribution and supply chain


RPS Next Sales module offers a complete commercial management, from order to invoice. It allows defining the sales strategies of the company through an extensive system of prices and discounts, framework contracts, etc., which will depend on the conditions that have been negotiated with customers.

You can define your commercial network and commission matrix, by different criteria (by customer, families, area, commercial category, etc.)

The module is prepared to manage and print the documentation for the expeditions: packing-list, composition of boxes and/or pallets, printing of labels and creation of transport route sheet.

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  • Detailed knowledge of sales based on the different criteria defined: by market sector, sales channel, customer, item and any other parameter.
  • Complete management of the sales circuit, from orderto invoicing.
  • Allows delivery date estimation (Capable to Promise).
  • Integration of customer through the web: permissions to access RPS Next for management and/or consultations.