The German industrial group Rädlinger has added 100 more RPS users, Ibermática’s resource planning software for Industry 4.0, especially valued for its advanced functionalities in the area of ​​project and production management. After the excellent results obtained with the implementation of RPS with 15 users at their company Primus Line, the German Group has decided to extend the initiative by enlarging the implementation of RPS to other companies.

The exclusive distribution agreement for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, signed in 2016 by Ibermática with the German company DPS Software, one of the leading European leaders in the field of software engineering solutions, continues to bear fruit. The most recent was the adding of 100 more users of RPS, Ibermática’s RPS for the industrial sector, by different companies belonging to the German business group, Rädlinger.

The RPS developed by Ibermática will provide integrated support for the management of the entire industrial process at the group, including the areas of finance, invoicing, purchasing and subcontracting, sales, the logistics management of warehouses and distribution, planning and manufacturing, advanced quality management, maintenance, project management, engineering, product configuration, document management, business intelligence (BI) and business process management (BPM).

Thanks to the implementation of RPS, Rädlinger will gain in efficiency, productivity and speed while adapting to the changing requirements of the market in the Industry 4.0 environment. The German group especially values ​​RPS for its modularity, which allows the management of each business area in a differentiated way, and, at the same time, for its global vision, integrating all of the business processes from engineering to the plant, within a single solution.

Another of the strengths of RPS is its ability to provide key performance indicators (KPIs), via its Business Intelligence functionalities, in order to make the right decisions at any given moment to and to anticipate possible incidents. Likewise, RPS provides Rädlinger companies with “extended company” capabilities, allowing their connection with different customers’, suppliers’ and collaborators’ systems.


For  Tobias Nemmer, Head of Controlling of the Rädlinger Group, “what initially came about as a small-scale implementation project in our Primus Line company has become a macro implementation for the rest of the Group’s companies. The magnificent results obtained after installing 15 RPS users at Primus Line made us realise that its advanced functionalities allowed us to make giant steps in Industry 4.0, without straining our resources or interrupting our processes during the implementation of the software. That’s why we did not hesitate to extend the implementation of RPS to other of our companies.”


As Manuel Baraza, Director of industry sector in Ibermática  explains, “the open technology of RPS allows the companies of the Rädlinger Group to have their own and specific interface for accessing information, as well as a solution for more effectively managing work flows, various operational reports, and the personalisation of screens, among many other improvements.”


Matthias Liebl, Head of Competence Center ERP (service) of DPS Software, says that “complex manufacturing projects can be much easier and more profitable with RPS. The user has continuous access to key data on workloads and free capacity in manufacturing and distribution environments, and also receives alerts about future bottlenecks that may affect materials, machinery, tools, etc. which allows decisions to be made in advance in order for everything to flow smoothly.”


Since its creation in 1994, RPS has been evolving and launching new versions that include new functionalities and new modules to respond to the management needs of customers’ business processes. Its main benefits are reduced costs, increased profitability, improved productivity, and increased competitiveness, which are all thanks to the centralisation of information and the integration of business processes provided by the tool.

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