Ibermática and the technological centre IK4-TEKNIKER have organised a conference dedicated to the Industry 4.0 with the objective of taking a closer look at the knowledge on the latest technologies destined to the industrial environment and transfer to the business scope, in order to promote competitiveness of the private initiative. The session, baptised as ‘First practical experiences in Industry 4.0’, consisted of talks given by experts, experiences of some of our customers, a round table and a guided tour of the IK4-TEKNIKER facilities

On Wednesday 23 September, we held a conference in the technological centre IK4-TEKNIKER that offered a practical and realistic view of the new scenario suggested in this fourth industrial revolution, under the slogan “First practical experiences in Industry 4.0”. Our general manager, Joseba Ruiz de Alegría, focused on our commitment with the industry sector, corroborated by some important figures: “Over 3,000 customers, 20,000 users and 30 million invoiced in 2014, registering increases over the year of almost 20%”. A sector in which an important effort will be applied, as it is needed, due to the “machine-user relationship that is radically changing with the appearance of disruptive technologies such as IoT, BigData or Mobility, among others”.

The appointment included the attendance of representatives from some of the most important companies in the technology and industry sectors such as Virtualware, Maier, Losan Group and notable customers of RPS such as Plastigaur, Indaraba or Microdeco. The ICT area manager of IK4-TEKNIKER, Aitor Alzaga, gave the speech &Isquo;Industry 4.0. Revolution or evolution?’, with the objective of sharing the essential fundamentals that underpin the future of manufacturing. The conference was completed with several discussions offered by the experts on the application of advanced technologies in the company and a round table that discussed success cases, practical examples and strategy models that permit the adaptation and transformation of the industry with this new industrial revolution.


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