RPS, together with Sqedio, presents the new version of RPS2015 in Portugal, the industrial ERP that “também fala português”

In one of the most well-known hotels in the Portuguese city of Porto, RPS and Sqedio, RPS distributor in the country, presented the new 2015 version of the ERP in an open conference for customers and prospects, under the title RPS 2015, much more than an update.

Joao Ribeiro, General Manager of Sqedio, presented the work conference after a warm welcome for the attendees, ensuring that “our objective is to provide new solutions for our industrial customers from an integrated view of the operations, from the engineering to the plant”

The executive presentation of new functionalities and “full stop, new paragraph” modules that support this new version were covered by Aitor Guerra, pre-sales consultant at RPS. During the presentation, the attendees had the opportunity to see and share the functionality of the new modules around concepts such as strategic business modelling, intelligent document management, mobility, CRM, integrated engineering or big data.

Later, Regina Correia, RPS consultant in Sqedio, shared with the attendees the new elements of RPS2015 for the modules of production, planning, quality and maintenance, based on specific examples that were very positively evaluated by the industries congregated at the event.

To finish, Albino Trindade, technical manager at Sqedio, showed all attendees a live example of native integration proposed by RPS for the areas of engineering and production. Specifically, exploring an example of integration between the 3D design tools and the modules of RPS structures and projects.

The questions session ended the day and was very interesting to everyone, consultants, managers and customers. Among many other things, it served to resolve doubts and suggest specific strategies that were eventually reflected in the surveys answered by the attendees.

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