Mariano and Rodrigo Arias, responsibles for Axentit, our partner in Mexico and Central America, tell us about the new RPS project in the region: GRUPO VANGUARDIA, an Honduran industry specialized in recycling plastic

“Every day, a group of pepenadores goes through streets, garbage dumps and industrial parks of San Pedro Sula, in Honduras, with a purpose: to collect as much post-industrial and post-consumer plastic as possible, which will be transported to the doors of Grupo Vanguardia, corporation that buys it to recycle it.
While the weighing process is being carried out, the collectors wait in a waiting room made especially for them […] From there they will leave with money in their pocket, since the payment is made immediately.
With its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme, Vanguardia could demonstrate that innovations in emerging countries will be new inclusive business models”
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Grupo Vanguardia is a manufacturer of packaging, plastic products and labels that has grown in recent years and has been concerned with achieving high levels of satisfaction and quality standards, while successfully engaging with its community through programs of inclusion.

Almost 50% of its current production is based on recycled raw material that comes from the work of hundreds of “pepenadores” who every day collect, select and transport tons of post-consumer plastic to their facilities to be reprocessed.

“The new project consists in the implementation of the RPS production planning and control modules, in order to allow the company to meet the expectations of its clients in terms of compliance and quality, through an adequate management of inventories of raw material, the planning and control of the production shoop floor and the detailed review of the quality parameters established by its standards. The implementation also has a special challenge, since it will be necessary to integrate all this information with their local financial management system. The project will be carried out in the city of San Pedro Sula in Honduras and is expected to be finished in 8 months “explains Rodrigo Arias, sales manager of Axentit.

“The Vanguardia Group project represents the consolidation of the effort of Axentit and Ibermática to open new markets in Latin America, we enjoy the full collaboration of all process leaders by the client and with the full support of the General Management and the Board of Directors, which commits us even more to deliver this project according to the expectations of scope, time and budget “continues Rodrigo.

According to Mariano Arias, operations manager of Axentit, “The Vanguardia Group project represents the most important project of our company in the region and with that we seek to consolidate our presence and send a clear message about our commitment to Central American companies. RPS was a differentiating component with the proposals of the competition; to be able to demonstrate to the Group Management, the wide functionality that we could propose to the business turned out to be the key in the selection of the ERP “

The implementation of RPS in Grupo Vanguardia is a new initiative, a key factor towards the digital transformation to which it is directed. They are committed to the environment and have achieved in recent years to stand out in the region for this. They achieved international recognition for their initiatives and contribution to the improvement of the ecosystem, but now and especially with this new project, they seek to be seen as a solid and innovative company in the industrial sector, remaining firms in the active fulfillment of international standards of production and quality and those of corporate social responsibility.


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