Ibermática Soluciones Empresariales will market RPS in the Andean market (Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) through RPS Andino, a newly created company of the Novatech group. The new partner, a specialist in solutions for strategies, processes and technology and in the implementation of ERP business solutions for Infor and Microsoft since 1995, created this new business line as a result and materialisation of their extensive experience in business management systems.

The origin of the name of the mountain range that runs along the west coast of the South American coast, the Andes, is possibly from the Aymara, Anta &Isquo;Copper colour’, from the same family as the Quechua, Anta &Isquo;copper’. RPS Andino, the name of the new legal entity created by Novatech, will focus its efforts on wholesale distribution, implementation and support of the RPS business in several countries of said region, initially in Ecuador, Colombia and Peru, without dismissing implementation in other countries of the Central and South American Pacific in the future.

Generic image that shows the globe, highlighting South America. Novatech Group has been offering its services since 1995 in the areas of business strategy consultancy, technological solutions and processes ERP, SCM, MES, etc. Currently, it has over 130 full time employees in its offices in Quito, Guayaquil and Lima. Novatech Group also has a solid network of distributors in Central America, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Argentina.

Member of Infor’s “Circle of Excellence” in relation to the ERP Baan business and of Microsoft’s “President’s Club” in relation to the Dynamics business management solutions. The current partners of Novatech Group and a good amount of current directors and intermediate managers have decided to invest in this new business with the creation of RPS Andino. The company has declared very ambitious commercial and technical objectives for the next three years: development and maintenance of the locations for the three countries, promotion of the RPS brand in the region, development of the distribution channel, participation in the technical committees of the product, product commercialisation and support in the region, both direct and indirect through its channels.

According to Jaime Ubidia, General Manager of Novatech Group, “the agreement with Ibermática will allow us to consolidate an innovative business model through which we can create a deep bond with our professionals under an impressive objective. RPS will also permit us to access the industrial SME market, that until today we could not reach.” On his part, Joan Carles Libori, RPS Channel Manager, states that “with the signature of this agreement, RPS publicly states its interest in the technical and commercial launch of our solution in this South American region, through a model that brings together capillarity and a deep knowledge of the industrial environment, contributed by the experience and track record of Novatech Group.”

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