Ibermática’s ERP guarantees not only its quality and security, but also its entire development, documentation and testing process

The independent consultant Auren awarded RPS the IDW PS 880 certificate of conformity, a strict standard set by the German Institute of Auditors (IDW) that certifies the quality of software products in the field of accounting and management information systems. With this breakthrough, Ibermática’s ERP has confirmed its commitment to continuing to grow in the central European market through specialisation in the development of high quality industrial software.


In the opinion of Iñaki Aguirreolea, the RPS development manager at Ibermática, “for a software manufacturer, meeting standards as rigorous as those in the German market is not only a source of pride, but confirmation of a long-term project. We should certainly all congratulate ourselves for something as important as this, especially the development team.”

This audit not only certified the product and its security, but also its entire development, documentation and testing process. As Aguirreolea explained, “the report issued by Auren confirms that, if properly used, RPS makes it possible to manage and store documents and data relevant to accountability in accordance with the precepts of German good accounting practices”.

The certification awarded by Auren is based on the IDW PS 880 and IDW RS FAIT 1 standards for issuing and using software certificates; GoB (Grundsätze ordnungsmäßiger Buchführung – appropriate accounting principles) in accordance with the provisions of commercial and tax law; and GoBD, in accordance with the principles for the proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic format and for accessing data, based on a letter from the BMF (Federal Ministry of Finance) on IT-supported accounting systems.

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