RPS, the ERP for make-to-stock industries

The make-to-stock industries or MTS, base their chain of value on a business model that, in order to be successful, must focus on the “balance” as a priority objective. Balance between their production capacity (what they can produce), and the volume of their direct demand (What the market demands). A make-to-stock production that is not balanced leads either to over-production and over-sized inventories, or, on the other end, stock breakage and lack of customer satisfaction.

Today, to balance an MTS industry undoubtedly involves the adoption of new technologies that resolve key issues such as Planning, Costs, Quality, Maintenance, etc…

RPS, in its new 2015 version, adds great capacities in relation to the critical issues of this industry. Joan Carles Libori, RPS channel manager, tells us about how RPS supports the success of its customers in this manufacturing environment.

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