In the facilities of the commercial embassy of Spain in Mexico, located in one of the main avenues in the capital city, and during two extensive working days, RPS presented its new 2015 version to the technical teams and project managers of their Mexican distributors.

Aitor Guerra, RPS pre-sales consultant, was responsible for presenting RPS2015, replicating the agenda and using the same training materials that some weeks before had been used in the training channels in Spain, Austria and Ecuador.

During the first day, Aitor and the channel implementation consultants had the opportunity to jointly share and explore the different ERP models that gather the highest number of new functionalities:

  • BI & Big Data: Tool for multidimensional analysis of data residing in the RPS together with an innovative automatic engine for interpreting data and the business based on data mining techniques and algorithms.
  • Strategic business model and BPM: New software tools that enable RPS users to graphically model their businesses, orchestrate the execution of the processes that underpin it through the widespread use of workflow and evaluate its performance via KPIs within a constant environment of continuous improvement.
  • Integrated and intelligent document management: Functionality that strengthens RPS capabilities in terms of document management, using tools for intelligent automatic indexing, versioning, security and semantic search of documents, all 100% integrated with the ERP.
  • RPS Smartphone: RPS provides a specific functionality set under HTLM5 interface prepared for running on Smartphone platforms, thus extending its interactive capabilities to mobile users (sales reps, project technicians and engineers, maintenance technicians, etc.)
  • Integrated Engineering and Production: Bidirectional integration of information for new products, structures, dimensions and quality standards, etc… generated by the engineering departments during the design phase, with the RPS management, production, purchasing and project modules.

During the second day, the group explored and debated the numerous improvements and functions added to the RPS base modules that have the objective of consolidating more and better support for ERP in the international industry. Topics were presented such as:

  • New interface in menus and visualisation of masters
  • New information centres for entities
  • Audit of entity changes
  • Permanent inventory
  • Process industry
  • Planning for bottle necks, etc…

The good working environment established between the attendees during these days led to an interesting exchange of experiences and new ideas for the future. Joan Carles Libori, RPS channel manager, closed the day by thanking the attendees for their presence and interest, and updating the news on the international channel.

Are you interested in seeing the information shared at the event?

Are you interested in seeing the information shared at the event?

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