A new version of RPS that marks a before and after in the area of industrial management.

It is surprising in a society such as our current society, so complex, global and technological, that such a simple, imperceptible symbol survives in a universal manner, which holds a vast amount of meanings and places that are common to all of us: the “full stop”.

We give points in sports to win, we want to be on point in every situation, we revise our proposals point by point, we want dinner on point and perhaps with a touch of salt, we want to keep the reader intrigued with our ellipses, we keep away from the black spots in the city, we maintain points of view as individuals, we resolve our critical points with intelligence, attempting not to reach a dead point… in short, an unending flow of concepts, ideas and messages represented by a simple punctuation mark.

…It is thus, excited by the presentation of this new version of RPS and immersed in a river of new functionalities, new modules and capacities of the ERP, that we are invaded by a sensation, a conviction, that cannot be expressed other than with a symbol. An image beyond words, a sign that evokes newness, freshness, innovation, light… in short “full stop, new paragraph”.

RPS2015, the industrial ERP “full stop, new paragraph”

Yes, without a doubt that is the image created for us, industrial because that is how we identify, how we want to be, the best ERP for the industry, regardless of their business model, custom, on request, make-to-stock; because we understand this, our employees and partners are the best specialists on the market; and because our customers support us with over 5,000 users around the world in the manufacturing scope.

And “full stop, new paragraph” because we break patterns, we write on new lines, innovating in functionalities, modules and new tools such as Big Data or Strategic Business Models, but also integrating to the ERP solutions to problems that are historically “owned” by other technologies such as MultiCAD integration with the engineering environments, document management, semantic search or the application of artificial intelligence to the indexing of information.

Industrial and “full stop, new paragraph”, this is the new RPS, do you dare to explore it?

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