At Ibermatica facilities in Donostia and during two extensive working days, RPS presented its new 2017 version to the technical teams and project managers of its Spanish and Portuguese Spanish speaking channel.

The same functional analysts of the RPS R & D department, directly responsible for the design and development of the new functionalities, were in charge of presenting RPS2017 to the channel under the coordination and support of Charo Villanueva, RPS development manager.

During the first working day, the main theme of the sessions was the presentation of the new application interface based on HTML5 technology. With this new interface, RPS offers access to its functionality that can be used from multiple devices, operating systems and browsers. Multiple screen sizes, resolutions and form / factor (responsive), which propose a better alignment with the new cloud strategies. The reception of this functionality by the technical community present at the conference was magnificent. The new interface has generated new features for accessing and displaying information such as:


Pagination: All queries are paginated to improve performance.

Significant values: Data types are expanded to give a richer and more compact result.

Semantic states: Definition of significant states that can be viewed in a differentiated way.

Multi-selection Combos: Allows the selection of codes in an agile way.

Wizards: Guided functions to improve the user experience.

The new HTML5 interface also brings a remarkable performance improvement, both regarding to previous versions of the same web interface and even regarding to the traditional client access server or 3 layers.

The day was completed with the new functionalities included in the RPS modules of BI & Analytics, Strategic Business Modeling, Document Management and Logistics (Purchasing, Sales and Inventories).

Tuesday’s session focused on production and project aspects, integration with engineering, Smart CAD integration, and in the areas of management, especially in financial areas such as:

– Account clusters, Leases, Bank reconciliation, etc …

– New financial reporting system.

– Improved accounting consolidation.

The good working environment established between developers and ERP implementers during these days led to an interesting exchange of experiences and new ideas for the future. Charo Villanueva closed the conference appreciating the great assistance and interest on the part of all and pointing out the priorities of RPS for next year.

By: Joan Carles Libori

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