DPS SOFTWARE, our partner in central Europe, interviewed Guido Kulmus, SCM Director of the German company, after the project go-live.

“RPS offers a suitable combination between classic ERP modules and specific support modules for customized manufacturing companies or serial production companies, all that may interest us in the future.

 We are convinced that here we have a system with which we can easily map our growing requirements for the future “

Guido Kulmus

Director de Supply Chain Management


D-88239 Wangen im Allgäu


What was your biggest challenge that could not be solved without an ERP?

The transparent control of availability of resources as well as the avoidance of unnecessary capital investments, including problem detection with lead-time, was one of the main criteria for selecting an ERP system.

We are a young company that has experienced very strong growth in recent years. The commercial application used so far as well as various add-on software packages do not provide sufficient transparency and traceability for almost all functional areas of the company.

This starts with the control of BOMs and their stock changes, runs through the temporal presentation of demand figures and ends in project controlling. In short, a production control on schedule with a dependent purchasing procurement was not possible

Why did you choose RPS as the ERP system?

The decision for RPS came with the realization that the solution contains all the components of a classic ERP system and a good balance between support to configuration business and series production. Project planning module, growing parts lists, a cost bracket per project and a great functionality of post sales service and QA modules have convinced us.

Furthermore, the functionality of RPS offers everything that could become interesting for us in the future. We are convinced that here we have a system with which we can easily map our growing requirements for the future

Why did you choose DPS Software as your partner?

Already in the first selection round, we had the feeling that we had in DPS a partner who understood our business. Added to this was the professional and open cooperation from the beginning. This has also been confirmed during the previous implementation phase; So far, there were no major problems in the implementation.

Please describe your current experience and your general feedback on the implementation of RPS with DPS Software.

Practice-oriented and realistic – we feel that we have chosen a partner who knows the business and has already completed various implementations. It is very positive that we have so far adhered to the challenging schedule of our project plan. The valuation of DPS employees in our company is high, as there are never any questions left in all workshops or basic training. But what we as a customer have also noticed is the absolute necessity to be able to provide sufficient technical staff capacity within the company. The best implementation methodology cannot work if the input and the decisions do not come from the customer. Our decision to hire an additional specialist in time has already more than paid off.

Which strategic developments of the company are planned due to the possibilities of RPS as a global solution?

As a company, we continue to focus on growth. The success of the electric mobility market speaks for our products. The next step is growth economically feasible, which is only possible with stable processes and clean cost transparency. With RPS, we feel well prepared for this because all relevant data from the company processes flow together.

The goal is to combine our innovative strength with reliability. This applies not only to punctuality towards the customer but also to the sustainable control of all relevant data of a system for after sales service.

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