Welcome to the new RPSWORLD and enjoyRPSing!

When choosing the title of this first communication, I tried to find the biggest point of real differentiation between the RPS proposal and what has been understood as a channel until now. For this, I worked with the facts and the empirical reality of the same.

I think that we can all agree that the term distributor is a word that is full of uncertainties. Today, more than ever, its role is called into question and the most common business model among the multinational manufacturers leads them to a clear reduction in margins, both in software and in maintenance. Also, the search for growth distances them from the quality commitment with the customer and their concerns.

Each month, we speak to a multitude of distributors that position their reality under three parameters:

  • Feeling positioned in a mature market.
  • The financial risk derived from the distribution models of the multinationals.
  • The difficulty to stand out.

However, customers’ needs are increasing and they seek answers that can adapt to a much more specialised environment where the Manufacturer-Channel-Customer is absolutely different.

Sincerely, this is the key for success of the RPS.

  • A proposal that arises from Ibermática’s experience as a distributor of many solutions.
  • A reality of a specialised team with incredible experience in industrial processes.
  • A technology, the easiest to achieve, on the cutting edge.

In short, we want to be the best, not the biggest. We develop a community of specialists with which:

  • We share the profits and ensure mutual profitability.
  • We contribute knowledge.
  • We provide complementary services.
  • We are close to your operations.

In short, we can say with pride that “we are like you”, we are your reflection, because we probably both believe that power is in the market relations and not only in the product, we know our customers and understand sales as an exchange of trust between professionals.

Therefore, RPS is a reference with its own shine. Like you in your market.

Welcome to the new RPSWORLD and enjoyRPSing!

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